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    One of the great things about WPBP is that the front-end design is fully customisable thanks to template pages. So now we’re looking for designers to create their own custom themes for WPBDP using these template pages. Designers should have good knowledge of HTML and CSS, and should understand how to avoid any PHP based code they come across (or atleast tread lightly around it, to avoid breaking a page).

    Official partners will have their work showcased on this website, and we will provide direct links for users to download the templates. You may wish to charge for some templates, in which case we will direct the user to any payment page on your own website. Please be aware that we will regularly check links to ensure they work and that payment structures are correct and safe to use.

    To become an official partner enter your email on our homepage (scroll down to the correct section, about halfway down the home page). To be accepted you will need to show us your finished designs first for quality moderation.
    Successful design partners will need to provide atleast one free theme for users in order to be eligible to sell other themes themselves (or alternatively they will need to pay a small one-off fee of €5 – this helps to limit our partners to only those who are truely interested in offering great content).

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