5. Review and Ratings (PRO version only)

With user ratings and reviews enabled (under the Settings menu) your business directory business pages will have access to Google-friendly ratings system (number of stars out of 5), and user-submitted reviews. To ensure a comprehensive rating system the user must provide both the review and a rating, along with their name and email. Their email will not be displayed to users.

All ratings and reviews must be moderated before they can be displayed, and the administrator will be notified via email of any new reviews awaiting moderation.
To moderate a review, in the admin area select WPBD Pro -> Reviews. The latest reviews will be displayed at the top. Those highlighted in orange are awaiting moderation. You can choose to enable or delete a review, or alternatively make moderations to the name and/or content. Once enabled the review will be instantly visible to users and you can disable the review again at any time.

Only the administrator has ability to modify and moderate a review. Businesses themselves have no control to prevent them from cherry-picking only the best reviews.

6. Claim Requests (PRO version only)

With “User Ownership / Claiming” enabled (under the Settings menu) users can make a claim on any unclaimed businesses. Claiming a business entitles the user to modify the details of that business, change its subscription where applicable, request a featured listing for that business and provide you as administrator with a physical contact for that business.
Users must be registered and logged in to your website (using the standard WordPress log in system). Once a claim has been made the administrator will be notified via email and must confirm or decline a claim. The user will be notified via email regarding your decision. You can amend the auto-emails for this under WPBD Pro -> Email Options

Once a claim has been accepted the user can make amendments to their business by visiting their User Dashboard.

7. Importing (PRO version only)

When developing WBDB we knew how important it would be to allow you to import a list of businesses directly in to the database, saving you lots of time from entering each business one by one. But with such a comprehensive list of options available we wanted to provide a way to do this as easily as possible for you. Our solution was to create a template for you to follow, along with a bullet-point list of instructions to ensure you have included all the important bits of information, such as Categories, Business Types and Subscription Status and more. Initially this might seem complicated, but the aim is to ensure that WPBD Pro understands exactly how to correctly format the details of each business – how each portion of information is separated, what subscription to attach a business to, what categories the business should be part of, how to separate one line from the next and so on. These are mostly handled using the correct “Delimiters”, as described on the import page.

To get started navigate to WPBD Pro -> Import and download the CSV template. Tise can be opened in Microsoft Excel (or compatible). To avoid text conflicts please ensure that when opening (AND saving) the file you select the “Field Delimiter” as “^” and the “Text Delimiter” as “#”.

Pay close attention to the instructions provided on the import page. Once you are happy that your file has been created correctly, save as a “.csv” file, providing the delimiters as stated above. You may choose one of the other different delimiters when saving your file: ” ; or , (but this is not recommended) but first check that these characters aren’t used within any of the table columns in your file and that you select these delimiters from the drop-down option just above the “Test CSV File” button on the import page before you upload your file back to WPBDP.

When importing businesses the system will first run a test to ensure that the CSV file is free of errors. Errors (and warnings, which are still important but will still let you import) will be displayed. Please make the necessary amends and then try again. Once your file passes the test you will be able to continue through to the import page. Importing may take a short while. You should be able to import the 100 records with no problem, however if you suffer from a timeout error try increasing your memory allocation. To learn more about this click here

Please note the import system does not import images as yet. These can be manually added to the businesses once they are imported successfully.