9. Front End Pages

Both the free and Pro version have similar front-end pages. When the plugin is first installed it will set up each of the new pages and place a shortcode on each one. This shortcode will be used to display the correct information for that page. By default the new pages will be provided under the following URLs:

1) Main Directory (start page) – www.yourwebsite.com/business-directory/
2) Business Details – www.yourwebsite.com/business-directory/business-details/?bid=[BUSINES ID HERE]
3) User Dashboard (Pro Version only) – www.yourwebsite.com/business-directory/user-dashboard/

You are welcome to change these urls by copying the shortcodes in each of these pages and pasting them in a new page. Please remember to link these pages to the system correctly by visiting the WPBD Pro (or Free) -> Settings page and scrolling to the Main Directory Page section, otherwise the navigation between each page will not function correctly.

The Main Directory page is the starting point for all business directory searches. Initially it will show simple search fields with the ability to open advanced search features.

Once a search has been performed the same page will be reloaded with you search requirements. All businesses that match your search will be displayed in an ordered grid. Featured results will be displayed first. If you have activated Google Maps you will see a map with pointers to each business displayed on the page. By default 25 businesses will be shown per page (you can change this in the advanced search). Only basic business details are displayed on this page: Name, address, distance from search location (if applicable), business types and categories, user rating (Pro Version only) and a thumbnail. Clicking anywhere on the business details will direct the user to the Business Details page.

The Business Details page will display all the information (depending on your admin setup). This includes social links, web links, contact details, opening times, an image slideshow and the business description. The Pro version shows more details including ratings and reviews and an awards list.

There is also a print button which adapts the page data, making it more printer friendly.

The User Dashboard (Pro Version only) details are explained here.

The layout of these pages can be customised thanks to the comprehensive theming option explained here.